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Every year, our community honors those who have made the greatest strides in the last 12 months.

Every year, our community honors those who have made the greatest strides in the last 12 months.

This year, it was even harder to choose the awards, so I asked a few others for their opinion.

So many were so close, especially the Serviced Accommodation award.

5 people were all above the standard in previous years.

So many could have been awarded, but I cut down this year, which made getting a nomination even more difficult.

She will tell me to shut up, but I don’t see it as a negative. Kath had 4 x 2nd places, very well all rounded.

It’s all about being consistent until you get the result, and you do not stop until you achieve the outcome.

The support and vibe in the room was the best so far. Watching people on the dance floor and the hardcore that were sat from 3 am on the comfy chairs, there was just good banter and support.

Once again, thanks to my team for putting it on I know how much work goes on in the background that people won’t realise.

People are often shocked at how well they get on with everyone, even when it was the first time they met them. There’s a big reason for that, and that’s:

  1. Likeminded people with similar goals

  2. The values I drive through the PIA that I hope to impart on others; some of them values I took from others.

  3. I was asked a question what separates those in the room on the night…

I’ll tell you….

You will place your energy and discuss one of the 3

  • People

  • Events

  • Ideas

Place your energy on discussing people, and you’ll live a sad, bitter life and forever burn relationships and opportunities.

Place your energy on Events rather than people, and you’ll let the ego go, and you’ll have knowledge that some will be useful to you.

Place your energy on IDEAS, and you’ll grow as a person. You’ll create wealth and opportunities that most don’t. Others will follow you as you will inspire.

People won’t get you, though, they will never be able to connect your success to where you place your focus and they will criticise how and why you do things.

The great thing? You have a choice.

So, which of the three do you spend time focusing on?

Next year we are moving the venue, it holds 350.

Will you be there?

Written by – Steven Green

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